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What are the hazards of the automotive fan not turning?

Update:19 Jan 2020

Let's talk about the danger of the cooling fan not turn […]

Let's talk about the danger of the cooling fan not turning. The automobile fan is an important part of the engine cooling system. If the fan does not turn, the heat of the cooling system will not be dissipated and the heat of the engine will continue to rise. High, in a short period of time, the circulating fluid of the heat dissipation system will open up. Once the engine is overheated, it will melt the piston and cause failures such as cylinder pull. The engine was scrapped, so it was sloppy in this situation.

Why does the engine cooling fan not turn?

The function of the air conditioning filter is to prevent the dust from entering the car from entering the car. After a long time of use, the air conditioning filter will appear stolen, odor, and even clogged. When the air conditioner filter is blocked with dust and foreign matter, it will seriously affect the air volume of the air conditioner. Sometimes even if you set the gear to the maximum, the actual air volume is very small, so it will cause the illusion that the cooling fan does not turn.

1.Fan relay failure

If the water temperature meets the requirements, and the cooling fan still does not turn, this may be the failure of the relay of the cooling fan. The relay damage is generally caused by poor line contact.

2.The temperature control switch fails

Nowadays, the cooling fans used in most cars work with electronic temperature control. Only when the water temperature reaches the required temperature, the cooling fan can operate normally. Only when the water temperature reaches a certain requirement, the cooling fan can operate normally. If the temperature control switch is damaged, it will cause the water temperature of the car to rise, and the cooling fan will not be powered on normally, and it will not turn. Of course, too low water temperature will also cause the cooling fan to not rotate.

Of course, there may be a malfunction of the fan itself. You can check whether the fan control circuit is open and whether the connector is firmly inserted. Once it is found that the cooling fan of the car does not turn, it is best to repair it as soon as possible, because such a car condition can easily cause damage to the engine!