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Automobile air conditioner compressor valve plate

Update:30 Jul 2020

The valve plate assembly in the automobile air conditio […]

The valve plate assembly in the automobile air conditioner compressor is distinguished according to the different types of compressors. The valve plate assembly includes a valve plate and an exhaust and suction valve plate. For example, the V5 series compressors (5 cylinders) use the V5 series valve plate assembly accordingly. V5 means that there will be 5 suction and exhaust holes corresponding to five cylinders. Then the V6 series and 7SB series will be differentiated according to the number of cylinders. These are just examples of piston swash plate type compressors. There are also differences between scroll type, wiper type and more. Versatility, basically, the valve plate of the same series of compressors will also be different, because some have control valves, some do not, and the structure of the cylinder back cover will change the valve plate structure. It is recommended that you first understand the working principles of various compressors, and then personally touch the car air-conditioning compressors. It is best to be able to go to the place where the disassembly and inspection is done, so that you will be very easy to distinguish.

Improper system configuration can easily damage the valve plate of the piston compressor. If the refrigerant from the evaporator of the piston compressor does not completely evaporate during operation, it will enter the piston for compression, and the liquid is basically incompressible. That will cause the compressor's liquid hammer, and it is easy to break the compressor valve!

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