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Causes and treatment of car wiper not moving on rainy day

Update:04 Jun 2020

When it rains, you will encounter that the car wiper do […]

When it rains, you will encounter that the car wiper does not move or does not work.

1. First refer to the manual of the vehicle to find out what type of wiper is used.

2. Pay attention to the correct connection of the strut to the wiper rocker arm. Because some of the arms are fixed to the rocker arm with screws, and some are locked with protruding buckles.

3. Pull up the wiper and touch it with your fingers to check the rubber wiper after cleaning for damage and the elasticity of the rubber blade. If the blade is aged, hardened or cracked, then the wiper is broken.

4. During the test, place the wiper switch at various speed positions to check whether the wiper maintains a certain speed at different speeds. Especially in the intermittent working state, it should also pay attention to whether the wiper maintains a certain speed when moving.

Car wiper arm

5. Check the wiper status and whether there is uneven swing or leakage of the wiper rod. If the following three conditions occur, this wiper is unqualified:

First, the swing is not smooth, and the wiper is not beating normally;

Secondly, the contact surface of the rubber and the glass surface cannot be completely attached, and wiping residue is generated;

Third, after wiping, the glass surface shows a water film state, and fine streaks, mist, and linear residues are generated on the glass.

6. During the test, pay attention to whether the motor has abnormal noises, especially when the wiper motor “buzzes” and does not rotate. This shows that there is a place where the mechanical transmission part of the wiper blade is rusted or stuck. At this time, the wiper switch switch should be turned off immediately to prevent burning the motor.

7. Some people think that the longer the length of the wiper blade, the larger the area of ​​the brush, the better the field of vision. In fact, the longer the wiper blade is, the better. Although increasing the length of the wiper blade can increase the visible range of the field of view, it will relatively increase the burden on the wiper motor and wiper rod. Of course, it can be lengthened, but it must be ensured that the normal operation of the wiper blade must not be hindered.