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Classification of wipers

Update:09 Jan 2021

1. Bone wipers Bone wiper means that there are several […]

1. Bone wipers
Bone wiper means that there are several skeletons on the wiper that apply pressure. These skeletons apply pressure to the wiper blade at the same time to wipe the glass. This kind of wiper has obvious shortcomings, that is, it is not clean enough and has water marks. Because the frame disperses the pressure, the pressure on the wiper blade is not strong enough, and the wiper blade and the glass cannot be attached particularly tightly.
Of course, there are advantages. The force of each support point of the wiper with bone is relatively even, so the wear of the wiper blade is relatively even. Also, when it snows in winter, a snow removal strip can be installed on the bone wiper. But I think this is actually useless. I have the time to change the snow removal strip. I used a small snow shovel to clean the snow.

2. Boneless wiper
Let’s talk about this boneless wiper. As the name implies, the boneless wiper does not have a skeleton on it. It uses a whole guiding steel sheet to apply pressure to scrape the glass. It's a bit more advanced than the boney one just mentioned. In fact, boneless wipers are recommended for cleaner scratches and less water marks. Because of the structure of the boneless wiper, the vibration is relatively small when it is working, so that the wear is also small. With the advantages of uniform force and light weight, the service life will be longer than that of the bone wiper.

The boneless wiper only has a little supporting point in the middle. The boneless wiper only has a long one with a very smooth arc.
Bone wipers, and bone wipers have multiple support points to support the wiper, and the support points are evenly distributed.
Next, we look at the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of boneless wipers and bone wipers:
Advantages of boneless wipers:

1. Easy to install

2. Low noise

Disadvantages: high cost and high price

Advantages of bone wipers:

1. The wiper blade is supported by each frame to make the force of the wiper more even

2. Because of the support of the skeleton, it is easier to wipe off the rain

3. It is easier to clean up the dirt of large objects

4. Low cost of use

Disadvantages: The noise is large, and the small impurities are not easy to remove.