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Common typical bearing types of automobile engines

Update:10 Jul 2020

Common typical bearing types of automobile engines The […]

Common typical bearing types of automobile engines

The engine is the heart of the car, and it continues to provide power to other components. Internal bearings were previously dominated by sliding bearings, and most of them currently use sealed ball bearings under the premise of improving bearing performance.

Alternator bearings

The alternator bearing is a single-row sealed ball bearing, which is mainly subjected to centripetal force. It is required to be able to operate reliably at speeds exceeding 2000r/min and temperatures greater than 180°C. The ferrules and rolling elements are made of high-purity GCr15. ~64HRC, the cage is generally made of nylon PA46, and the seal ring is generally made of acrylic rubber ACM.

Air-conditioning compressor electromagnetic clutch bearing

The electromagnetic clutch bearing of the air conditioner compressor is a double row angular contact ball bearing, the outer ring rotates, the speed of the air conditioner pulley can reach 7000~13000r/min, the maximum temperature is 160℃, the material is the same as above, the cage is changed from a part of the ordinary single spherical pocket The cylindrical surface, the reference standard is JB/T10531-2005.

Tensioner and idler bearings

The tensioner and idler bearings are high-performance sealed ball bearings. The former acts on the loose edge of the synchronous drive belt, and the latter acts on the tight edge of the synchronous conveyor belt. The material is basically the same as above. The cage can be made of engineering plastic, 08 steel or 10 steel. Manufactured, the sealing ring is made of ACM or FPM (fluorine rubber), the reference standard is JB/T10859-2008.

Water pump shaft bearing

Water pump shaft bearings are generally double-row ball bearings, and the radial size is smaller than the general bearings. It is essentially a dual-bearing system with a simplified structure. The two supported bearings do not have an inner ring. The rolling path of the rolling element is directly made on the shaft. The two supported bearing outer rings are made into a whole. Both sides are sealed with seals, its rollers are usually made of high-chromium bearing steel, and the materials of the shaft and outer ring are made of carburized steel or high-chromium bearing steel