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Exhaust manifold What is the reason why the exhaust manifold gasket is always bad

Update:03 Jul 2020

Exhaust brakes can easily break the cylinder mattress? […]

Exhaust brakes can easily break the cylinder mattress?

This should be a problem encountered by many card mates. The school sister also specifically asked some old drivers. Some drivers think that since the exhaust brake is designed this way, then it must be no problem, because the pressure generated by the engine's work stroke is far away. Higher than the negative pressure generated by exhaust braking.

Other old drivers believe that exhaust brakes block the normal discharge of exhaust gas, and the generated high pressure is easy to "wash out" the exhaust manifold pad. In the actual use process, such a thing will happen.

Improper operation is the reason

So why is there such a problem? Mainly because many card friends are "acute", when the vehicle is driving to the top of the slope, the engine temperature is relatively high, and the temperature of the exhaust gas is also very high, resulting in transmission to the exhaust pipe and other components The temperature is high.

The quick friend Kao used the exhaust brake at the beginning of the downhill, but due to the higher temperature, the exhaust manifold pad was easily burned. This is what we usually call the exhaust manifold pad. The exhaust brake was broken. Of course improper operation is not the cause of damage to all exhaust manifold pads, it is just one of them.

Solution: first hit the brake

When encountering this kind of problem, many people always complain about the poor quality of engines and radiators, but do not reflect on whether they are operating correctly. If you use the correct operation method when going downhill, you can avoid such problems.

When going downhill, the correct method should be to first apply the low gear and use the brakes to let the engine run normally (no oil injection or only a small amount of oil is injected at this time), take away a lot of heat generated by the high load operation on the uphill slope, and then use the exhaust Air brake.

Opening the exhaust brake when the engine speed is high will generate excessive instantaneous pressure, which is also one of the reasons for the exhaust manifold gasket to be damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to open it when the speed is low and let it rise slowly.

According to the engineers of Shaanxi Automobile Research Institute, it is recommended that users use exhaust brake when the speed is below 1500 rpm.

Good driving habits can effectively improve operational efficiency. If you do not pay attention to the driving method, it may cause problems with the car. When driving, pay more attention to driving methods. Hold on for a while, you will find that your "old partner" may not like this problem as before.