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How a car wiper works

Update:20 Dec 2019

Taking electric windshield wiper as an example, the bas […]

Taking electric windshield wiper as an example, the basic structure and working principle are introduced.

The electric windshield wiper is driven by a motor, and is generally composed of a wiper arm, a wiper blade assembly, a rubber wiper blade, a wiper support, a wiper support, a wiper arm spindle, a wiper bottom plate, and a motor. , Speed ​​reduction mechanism, driving rod system, driving rod hinge, wiper switch and wiper switch knob. Of course, wipers with wiper ECU are also equipped with electronic control unit ECU. The electric windshield wiper is driven by a motor. The left and right wiper blades of the wiper are pressed against the outer surface of the windshield glass by the wiper arm. The motor drives the reduction mechanism to rotate and reciprocates through the drive rod system. Drive the wiper arm and wiper blade to the right to swing and wipe the windshield.

Car wiper works Principle

The motor on the electric wiper, which drives the output shaft through the worm gear on the armature shaft and drives the output gear through the idler and idler shaft, and then the output arm connected to the wiper link is controlled by the output shaft. When the motor rotates, the output arm and connecting rod are driven to move forward and backward.

The resistor on the control switch is connected to the armature winding of the motor to control the speed of the motor. The driver can move the switch as required to make the current flow into the input circuit of the motor.

The power source of the wiper comes from the motor, which is the core of the entire wiper system. The quality requirements for wiper motors are quite high. It uses a DC permanent magnet motor, and the wiper motor installed on the front windshield is generally integrated with the mechanical part of the worm gear. The function of the worm gear and worm gear is to reduce the speed and increase the torque. The output shaft drives the four-link mechanism. The four-link mechanism changes the continuous rotary motion into a left-right swing motion.

The wiper motor adopts a 3-brush structure to facilitate variable speed. The intermittent time is controlled by an intermittent relay, and the wiper is wiped according to a certain period by using the functions of the return switch contacts of the motor and the charging and discharging functions of the relay resistance and capacitance. The wiper blade is a tool to directly remove rain and dirt from the glass. The scraper rubber strip is pressed against the glass surface by the spring strip, and its lips must match the angle of the glass to achieve the required performance.

In general, there are wiper control knobs on the handle of the car combination switch, which are equipped with low speed, high speed and intermittent 3 gears. The top of the handle is a key switch of the scrubber. When the switch is pressed, washing water is sprayed out, and the windshield is washed with a wiper. The scrubber system is a very common device on automobiles at present. It consists of a water storage tank, a pump, a water pipe, and a water nozzle. The water storage tank is generally a plastic tank of 1.5 liters to 2 liters. The water pump is a miniature electric centrifugal pump, through which the washing water of the water storage tank is sent to the water nozzles. The washing water is divided into fine jets and sprayed onto the windshield, which cooperates with the wiper to clean the windshield.