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How to remove car front wheel bearings

Update:11 Sep 2020

You can see the car's brake disc and brake caliper afte […]

You can see the car's brake disc and brake caliper after removing the tire. After removing them, you can see the front wheel bearing. Then remove the bearing fastening nut, and then remove the two screws that fix the brake caliper to brake Remove the pliers slowly to prevent the brake hose from breaking, and then remove the brake disc on the outside. The solid nut outside the bearing has been removed. At this time, the bearing can be removed by pulling it out with both hands.

The front wheel bearing is the front wheel of a car. If the front wheel bearing is badly damaged, the car will make a humming noise when driving. The noise will be very loud, but it sounds different from the tire noise. You can try to drive the car for half an hour. After getting off the car, lightly touch the part of the hub where you think the bearing is damaged with the back of your hand. If the bearing is damaged, it will generate high heat, and it is estimated that it will be hot. Change it decisively if the temperature is normal. For automobile bearing replacement at

Precautions for bearing use:

1. Whether it is a new car or an old car, check the bearing of the car in time when driving to prevent problems when driving. However, when checking, you need to pay attention to whether the bearings are worn, whether there will be frictional noise when rotating, or whether the suspension combination wheel decelerates abnormally when turning.

2. If it is found that the front wheel bearing has been damaged, it is best for the car owner to replace it in pairs, so as to ensure safety during driving and prevent abnormal conditions.

3. Car bearings should be installed in a relatively clean environment, because if some dirt is mixed into it, it will cause abnormal wear of the car bearings, which will affect the normal service life of the bearings.

4. Professional tools are needed when disassembling automobile tire bearings. If they are disassembled without authorization, it will easily affect the sealing performance of the bearing and also have a certain impact on the service life.