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Inspection and maintenance of automobile flywheel

Update:24 Jul 2020

The automobile flywheel is a cast iron inertia disc wit […]

The automobile flywheel is a cast iron inertia disc with a large mass. It stores energy and supplies the demand of non-power stroke, drives the entire crank connecting rod structure to cross the upper and lower dead points, and ensures the uniformity and uniformity of the inertial rotation of the engine crankshaft rotation The uniformity of the output torque, with the help of the inertial force of the flywheel itself, helps overcome the compression resistance in the cylinder during starting and maintains the continued operation of the engine during short-term overload, so it is necessary to check the flywheel during maintenance.

The function of the flywheel

Store a part of the function input to the crankshaft in the work stroke to overcome resistance in other strokes, drive the crank connecting rod mechanism to cross the upper and lower dead points, and ensure that the rotation angular velocity and output torque of the crankshaft are as uniform as possible. And make it possible for the engine to overcome a short-term overload, while transmitting the power of the engine to the clutch.

Common damage to flywheel

Flywheel tooth wear Flywheel tooth broken Flywheel surface grooves, burn scars, cracks

Overhaul of flywheel ring gear

If individual teeth of the flywheel ring gear are damaged or the ring gear is worn on one side, the other end of the gear teeth can be chamfered again to flange the ring gear for use. If more than 30% of the tooth length or 4 teeth are damaged continuously, the above should be replaced.

Replacement of flywheel ring gear

The fitting interference between the replaced new gear ring and the outer circle of the flywheel is generally 0.30—0.60mm. When installing, the gear ring should be heated to 350°C-400°C and pressed to the stop while it is hot.

Symbols on the flywheel:

There is a mark (engraved line or pin hole) on the flywheel flange for finding compression top dead center (four-cylinder engine is 1 cylinder or 4 cylinder compression top dead center; 6-cylinder engine is 1 cylinder or 6 cylinder compression top dead center ). When the mark on the flywheel is aligned with the mark on the housing, it happens to be compression top dead center.


The symbol of Jiefang CA6102 engine is: top dead center

There is a -"0" mark on the Audi 100 flywheel.