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Introduction and difference of car wiper

Update:27 Jul 2019

Bone wiper The principle of the bone wiper is to press […]

Bone wiper

The principle of the bone wiper is to press the wiper blade on the glass through a plurality of support points on the skeleton, so that the pressure of each support point on the wiper blade is averaged, and in the process of use, the support points of the bone wiper are provided. The average pressure and the degree of wear are also average, and the friction between the wiper blade and the glass is easy to occur, and the impurities are not easily scraped.

Boneless wiper

The boneless wiper itself consists of four components: a wiper strip, a boneless wiper steel sheet, a wiper sheath and a plastic part. The bracket is made of stainless steel, the steel sheet is carbon steel and the length is between 10-28 inches, the thickness is 0.80~0.90 mm, the width is generally 7.00~14.00 mm, and the steel sheet in the boneless wiper utilizes a whole guide force. The steel strip is used to disperse the pressure, so that the parts of the wiper blade are evenly stressed to reduce the effect of water marks and scratches. The outer layer of the steel sheet is coated with a plating layer to make it more rust-resistant, and the boneless wiper can reduce the jitter wear. , uniform force, anti-sun, simple structure, lighter weight and other characteristics.

Car wiper

The difference between a bone wiper arm and a boneless wiper arm

1, structure

Structurally speaking, it is literally different. One is a boned wiper, the other is a boneless wiper. The boneless wiper is produced by combining the advantages of bone and traditional bonelessness. Therefore, the boneless wiper can also be used. Said to have a steel frame structure.

2, installation

There are many differences between the two types of wipers on the installation. First, the bone wiper is replaced. The bone wiper needs to be replaced with the wiper arm. When the boneless wiper on the car is replaced, the owner does not need to replace the wiper arm.

3. Advantages

If the owner chooses a bone wiper arm, in addition to the economical application, the structure is simple. During the use, the pressure of each support point of the bone wiper is balanced, so the relative wear degree is even, so It is not easy to have frictional noise between the wiper blade and the glass in the wiper, and the use of a bone wiper can wipe the rain clean.

If the owner chooses a boneless wiper, because the boneless wiper is aerodynamically designed, the blade in the car wiper will not be lifted by the airflow when the vehicle is driving at a high speed, thus ensuring a clearer wipe.

In summary, the boneless wiper arm is better than the boneless wiper arm. The more the burr of the wiper, the more uniform the force of the wiper blade, and the more the contact with the glass, the better the water can be achieved. The effect is that the boneless wiper has no bracket, and the whole wiper blade itself is pressurized, which is equivalent to the whole force of the wiper blade, so the boneless wiper is more effective than the traditional stent with the bone wiper. At the same time, the metal bracket was removed, which reduced the impact of the wiper on the driving field.

In addition, since the boneless wiper removes the weight reduction of the metal bracket, the load on the wiper motor is reduced, which also plays an indirect role in protecting the motor from prolonging the service life.