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Main role of the flywheel on the car engine

Update:29 May 2020

The flywheel of a car is a large mass cast iron inertia […]

The flywheel of a car is a large mass cast iron inertial disc. It stores energy and supplies the demand for non-power stroke. It mobilizes the entire crank connecting rod layout to cross the top and bottom dead centers, ensuring the symmetry of the inertial rotation of the engine crankshaft rotation and The symmetry of the output torque, with the help of the inertial force of the flywheel's own rotation, supports the compression resistance in the cylinder at the time of surrender starting and maintains the inherited operation of the engine during short-term overload, so it is very necessary to check the flywheel during maintenance time.

Automotive Flywheel obedience

A part of the function input to the crankshaft in the working stroke is stored for surrendering resistance in other strokes, mobilizing the crank connecting rod mechanism to cross the top and bottom dead centers, and ensuring that the rotation angular rate and output torque of the crankshaft are approximate It is well-balanced and allows the engine to be subdued for a short period of overload, while transmitting the power of the engine to the diffuser.

Common damage to Automotive Flywheel

Flywheel tooth wear Flywheel tooth breakage Flywheel appearance grooves, burn scars, cracks

Inspection of flywheel ring gear

If the individual teeth of the flywheel ring gear are damaged and the single side of the ring gear is worn, it can be chamfered at the other end of the tooth to turn the ring gear to use. If it exceeds 30% of the tooth length or destroys 4 teeth in a row, the above should be replaced.

Replacement of flywheel ring gear

The new ring gear replaced with the common interference of the outer circle of the flywheel is usually 0.30-0.60mm, the ring gear should be heated to 350 ℃-400 ℃ when installed, and pressed to the end while hot.

Marking mark on the flywheel:

A secret number (engraved line or pin hole) is made on the rim of the Automotive Flywheel for finding the compression top dead center (four-cylinder engine is 1 or 4 cylinder compression top dead center; six-cylinder engine is 1 or 6 cylinder compression top dead center) ). When the cipher on the flywheel is aligned with the cipher on the casing, it happens to be compression top dead center.

Because the car engine belongs to an intermittent combustion type power device, the energy transmitted from each cylinder to the crankshaft 2113 is not stable and continuous, and the function of the flywheel is to store a certain amount of 5261 energy, so that the crankshaft system has a large rotational inertia. With this inertial 4102 force, the engine runs smoothly and reduces vibration and noise. Of course, using the flywheel can also achieve other 1653 functions. For example, some flywheels have a 360-degree dial to help determine the phase, and some have a toothed disk, which can collect the crankshaft speed, start by starting the motor, and generate electricity by the generator. Wait!