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Make the service life of the wiper assembly product longer.

Update:13 Aug 2020

First of all, let's talk about the use of the wiper bla […]

First of all, let's talk about the use of the wiper blade in the wiper assembly. What we must pay attention to is that it cannot directly scratch the car glass when it is dry. This is because when there is no water on the glass, the dust and particles of the glass water will cause very large friction on the wiper blade, which not only scratches the car glass, but also the wiper blade will receive resistance during work. As a result, the wiper motor in the wiper assembly is damaged. Therefore, spray water on the windshield before opening the wiper blades. If it is a model that cannot spray water on the front window, it is recommended that you can pour some water on your own. Although it is more troublesome, it is acceptable for the service life of the wiper assembly. Of course, if it rains, it can be turned on directly after the rain drops.

Secondly, when driving in some dusty places, a layer of soil may even directly accumulate on the windshield. At this time, it is not recommended to open the wiper blade, because there are more particles in the dust, and opening it directly may cause damage. It is recommended to use a car wiping cloth or paper towel to clean first and then use the wiper blade in the wiper assembly.

First of all, car wipers, as the name suggests, are used to wipe rain, not mud. Of course, if it is dust, it can of course be scraped. Then, the wetness of the wiper strip is the key. If the wiper strip is dry, the dust must not be cleaned. This is why many car owners and friends often say that the car wiper is not clean. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the wiper strip moist.

As mentioned earlier, car wipers are not for scraping mud. Then, when you leave the car, use a cloth to clean the front window and avoid solid materials, such as dirt, paper, etc., which is also one of the key points to maintain the service life of the car wiper.

For most car owners, to understand these two points, in fact, they generally know the correct usage of car wipers.