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The performance of the car flywheel is broken

Update:03 Apr 2020

The flywheel of a car is broken, usually caused by the […]

The flywheel of a car is broken, usually caused by the clutch slipping and heating. Automotive clutch plates are the medium that transfers engine power to the gearbox, similar to brake plates. The friction material is mainly based on asbestos, which has a certain high temperature resistance. When the vehicle is driving, the clutch pedal is stepped on, and the clutch plate is separated from the engine flywheel; after the pedal is returned, the clutch plate will be combined with the engine flywheel, so that the engine power can be matched to the driving speed.

1. Clutch slip: When the car starts with a low-speed gear, the car cannot start or it is difficult to start after releasing the clutch pedal; when accelerating, the speed of the car cannot be increased with the increase of the engine speed. Smoke and other phenomena;

2. Incomplete clutch separation: When the clutch pedal is stepped to the end, the power between the clutch active and driven discs cannot be completely cut off, resulting in difficulty in gear shifting, gearing or parking, and clutch heating;

3. Clutch trembling: the whole car trembles when starting, especially when idling, low gear is gradually loosened, and the clutch pedal is gradually started.

4. Abnormal sound of clutch: When the clutch pedal is stepped on a little, the inner end surface of the separation bearing and the separation lever just contact, the clutch will emit a continuous sound of "click, click, click"; With shaking.