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The role of car engine flywheel

Update:22 May 2020

We know that for a four-stroke engine, work is performe […]

We know that for a four-stroke engine, work is performed every four piston strokes, and work is consumed in the three strokes of exhaust, intake, and compression, which is why the torque output by the crankshaft will appear Due to periodic changes, the speed of the crankshaft will also become unstable. In order to improve this situation, a flywheel will be installed at the rear end of the crankshaft of the automobile engine.

The flywheel is a relatively large mass cast iron inertial disc. It can store energy, which is used to provide non-power stroke, thereby ensuring the uniformity of the engine crankshaft rotation and the output torque.

The inertial force of the flywheel itself is used to overcome the compression resistance in the cylinder when the car starts, thereby promoting the normal operation of the engine.

Because of its role, some flywheel dynamic balancing machines are used to balance the flywheel separately when testing, and if it is a multi-cylinder engine, the flywheel and car crankshaft will also be balanced together to ensure the overall balance and prevent The centrifugal force generated by the balance causes engine vibration and accelerates the wear of the main bearings.

Why is the engine flywheel made into a relatively large shape?

I wonder if you have played gyro when you were young? After vigorously whipping, it can keep turning for a long time.

The flywheel of the engine adopts this principle. The outer ring part of the flywheel is purposely made into the shape of a gear ring, which is connected to the car engine, and the flywheel is driven to rotate by the starter to start the engine.

The reason why the flywheel is larger is that it can better store the engine's kinetic energy and ensure the smooth operation of the crankshaft. Just like the gyro, the hard rotation can maintain the rotation for a long time.

Flywheel dynamic balancing machine to make the flywheel more balanced

In order to make the engine speed increase and decrease speed more sensitive, car enthusiasts will simply modify the flywheel, but no matter whether it is modified or not, the car flywheel needs to maintain a good balance performance to have a longer life and better quality.