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Try to avoid misuse of the wiper blades

Update:27 Aug 2020

The wiper blade will wear out when in use, and some mis […]

The wiper blade will wear out when in use, and some mistaken operations will cause more serious damage to the wiper blade. It is necessary to clean the rain and the foreign matter and dust in the air to avoid damage to the blade edge of the wiper blade. The result of damage to the blade edge of the wiper blade is scratch damage to the glass of the car.

The bracket coating of the wiper blade cannot be immersed in rain or cleaning fluid with strong chemical properties. If it is soaked for too long, it will cause corrosion to the wiper blade. Paraffin wax or car exhaust will cause more serious pollution to the wiper blade. If the surface of the wiper blade is covered with oil stains, it will cause a certain amount of pollution to the glass of the car during operation, which will interfere with the driving of the driver during operation, and more serious may cause accident hazards. .

In extreme environments, maintenance measures for the wiper blades are also essential. Under high temperature conditions, the rubber of the wiper blades will be hardened and damaged. Therefore, the maintenance measures for the wiper blade must be in place.

There are several points to pay attention to when using the wiper blade, if it is used improperly, it will cause certain damage to the equipment. For example, when using a wiper blade to remove dust on the windshield surface on a sunny day, you need to sprinkle water on the glass, and you cannot just wipe it dry.

If there are other stubborn stains on the glass, you can actually clean it by hand, because these stains can easily damage the wiper blade and cause the wiper to not clean. If this kind of consequence is more serious, the result will be that the wiper motor will also cause more serious harm.

The wiper blade needs to be lifted up during car washing or daily cleaning. When the back of the wiper blade is lifted up, it needs to be gently put back. It should not be heavy. When the wiper blade bounces back, it is necessary to remove the ice ballast on the surface of the windshield in winter, which saves and increases the burden.