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What are the applications of silicone wipers?

Update:16 Jan 2021

​What are the applications of silicone wipers? Let's un […]

​What are the applications of silicone wipers? Let's understand the following together:
Driving on rainy days is accompanied by great danger. However, if a silicone wiper is used, the water repellency on the windshield can prevent rainwater from adhering to the glass surface, reducing the contact area between raindrops and the glass surface, and controlling the refraction of light generated by raindrops. And let the raindrops achieve the effect of easy sliding. Compared with natural rubber windshield wipers, this ensures the sight line and ensures the safety of the operation on heavy rainfall days. (Silicone wipers designed for safe driving)
Silicone wipers have super durability. This is because the composition of silica gel is better than natural rubber in terms of heat resistance, UV resistance, ozone resistance, and abrasion resistance. Therefore, the silicone wiper can maintain the initial rain effect for a long time. (Exercising the super durability and high wiping performance of good wipers)

The silicone wiper will never shake. Because of the characteristics of silica gel and the coating of the newly developed anti-friction agent, it is more stable and less prone to jitter. Regardless of the flat glass or curved glass that has been treated with the water repellent effect, no jitter will occur even if the resistance is large.

The windshield treated with water repellent effect can maintain its water repellent effect for a longer time by using silicone wipers. This is because the basic cost of the silica gel water repellent is the same as the water repellent coated on the glass surface. Therefore, it is not that the water-repellent agent cancels each other out, but when part of the water-repellent agent disappears, it can have a strong complementary effect, so as to achieve longer-term water-repellent performance. (Refer to another page of data, durability test results)

If a silicone wiper is used, there is no need to repeatedly coat water repellent on the glass surface. Quiet wiping performance, less bad wiping, the silica gel made through a highly managed synthetic process, maintains high wiping performance on the basis of no material deviation and stable quality. Moreover, the rubber does not contain additives such as processing aids, and the rubber strip itself does not produce oil films. And can be discarded as combustible materials.