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What causes blurry wipers?

Update:23 Jan 2021

The car wiper is an important accessory installed on th […]

The car wiper is an important accessory installed on the windshield. Its function is to sweep away the rain, snow and dust that obstruct the vision on the windshield. Therefore, it plays an important role in driving safety. The rubber strip on the front end of the wiper blade is made of rubber, and if it has been placed outside the car, it will age and crack after a long time. If it is not maintained and maintained in time, the life of the wiper blade will be greatly reduced. How to maintain it?
1. Don't expose to the sun for a long time
Summer is hot, the weather is hot, the temperature of the front windshield is relatively high, and the wiper is close to the windshield. After high-temperature roasting, the wiper is easy to age. If there is no shade in summer, it is more appropriate to erect the wiper.
2. Use lubricants appropriately
When using the car wiper, do not dry it, and be sure to lubricate it first. If it is scraped dry, it will cause the rubber strip to deform and even become blurred.
3. There are debris, clean up in time
If there are sundries under the wipers, such as leaves, etc., they must be cleaned up in time, otherwise it is easy to scratch the glass and cause blurred vision.
4. Clean the wiper strips from time to time
Car windshield wipers are prone to stains when they are used for a long time. Remember to wipe them with a wet cloth.

What is the hidden function of the wiper?
1. Determine the position of the left wheel during driving, especially for novices, it is difficult to grasp the actual position of the wheel. However, wipers can help the driver to determine the wheel position well. As we all know, the wiper on the left has a raised node. When this node coincides with an object on the ground, it means that the left wheel of the car will be depressed from there. As shown in the picture, the left wheel of the car will press over the centerline.
2. Determine the distance of 60 cm. The distance of about 60 cm from the center line can ensure the safety of the car when driving. This distance is difficult to grasp, but the wiper provides us with a simple method. When the intersection angle of the panel and the a-pillar coincides with the center line, the distance between the car and the center line is approximately 60 cm.
3. The method of judging the position of the right wheel is the same as the method of judging the position of the left wheel. It can also be judged by whether the node of the wiper intersects the target object. However, this time we should look at the wiper node on the right and remind friends again that intersecting means overwhelming. If they don't want to press the target area, they will deviate slightly.
4. Help parking Although it is said that the driver's license test is taken when parking on the roadside, many friends are not proficient in this kind of operation and often get too close. Wipers can help us avoid this problem. When the right node of the wiper coincides with the side of the road, turn the steering wheel to the left, and then the body will stop straight, so that a parking effect of 10 cm from the side of the road can be achieved.