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What is the effect of timing cover oil leakage

Update:18 Apr 2020

Car engine oil leakage is now a very common phenomenon. […]

Car engine oil leakage is now a very common phenomenon. In fact, it is a very common failure. Don't be too nervous when you encounter it. Any car may leak oil, and no one dares to dare. Commit not to leak oil or change fuel.

The engine oil leakage does not necessarily need to be overhauled. The engine timing cover leaks oil. This type of solution is to disassemble the engine timing cover and re-glue; oil leakage caused by the loose oil drain screw of the oil pan only needs to be tightened The screw can solve the problem; if the oil pan of the engine leaks and the seal of the oil pan is aging, it is necessary to disassemble the oil pan, replace the oil pan seal and re-glue.

The valve cover is to protect the camshaft and valve top barrel. Timing cover is to protect the timing chain and other small parts inside

The slight leakage of the timing cover has almost no effect. In severe cases or when it leaks onto the timing belt, it is easy to make the belt slip and fall off and damage the engine.

Reasons for oil leakage of timing cover:

One is that the valve cover gasket is indeed aging and embrittled, and the oil leakage is lost due to the loss of sealing ability. This situation is actually okay. As long as the valve cover is opened, the seal can be replaced.

The second is that the blockage of the PCV valve of the crankcase ventilation system causes the internal pressure to be too high, which eventually causes the oil to ooze out under pressure. If this problem is not detected, it will cause greater trouble in the future, such as leakage of crankshaft oil seal and so on. But it is very simple to judge whether the PCV valve is working normally: under idle conditions, try the vacuum degree of the crankcase air inlet with your finger to instantly judge the working state of the PCV valve.

The main causes of engine oil leakage are as follows:

1. The oil pan gasket is damaged or the screw is loose and leaking oil;

2. The oil drain plug of the oil pan is damaged, leaking or loose oil leakage;

3. Improper assembly, damage or loose screws of timing gear cover gasket; oil leakage;

4. Deformation of engine support plate or leaky gasket seal;

5. The gasket of the valve cover is not tightly leaked;

6. Oil leakage of crankshaft front oil seal is damaged;

7. The oil seal of the crankshaft rear is damaged and leaks.

In fact, there are corresponding solutions for oil leakage in different parts of the engine, and some parts need to be replaced, such as oil leakage from the valve cover. This type of oil leakage is more common in cars that have been used for about 5 years. Replacement; when the oil filter is installed too loose or too tight, or if a low-quality oil filter is used, it can only be replaced by a new one; the oil drain screw gasket plays a certain sealing role, and this gasket is best based on maintenance Periodic replacement.