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What is the function of automobile timing cover

Update:06 Jul 2018

As soon as we find out that the timing cover is bad, it […]

As soon as we find out that the timing cover is bad, it is necessary to go to the garage to repair it. Each model of the car is not the same. We must choose the most suitable for their vehicles to install the clutch. Do not covet cheap to install unqualified or inferior car clutch, which is in the life of their own joke.

1, to ensure smooth start

This is the primary function of the clutch. Before starting the car, naturally start the engine. And when the car starts, the car is gradually accelerated from a completely static state. If the transmission system (which links the entire car engine) with rigid links, the transmission of a hanging file, the car will suddenly look ahead, but it does not start. This is because the car from the static to the front, a large amount of inertia force, resulting in a lot of resistance to the engine torque. Under the action of the inertia resistance, the engine is reduced to the lowest stable speed (300-500RPM) below the instantaneous speed, the engine is turned off and can not work, of course, the car can not start.

So we need the help of the clutch. After the start of the engine, the car started before the driver to the clutch pedal, the clutch, the engine and transmission system is disengaged, then the transmission gear, and then gradually release the clutch pedal, the clutch engagement gradually. In the bonding process, the engine torque increases gradually, it should also speed up the pedal down gradually, gradually increase the amount of fuel supplied to the engine, the engine speed is always maintained at the minimum stable speed, but will not die. At the same time, because of the close degree of clutch engagement increases, the torque of the engine by the transmission system to the drive wheel will be gradually increased, the traction force sufficient to overcome the resistance when the car began to start, and gradually accelerate the movement from the rest.

2, smooth shift

In the process of driving the vehicle, in order to adapt to the changing conditions of the driving system, the transmission system often needs to change the work of different gears. The realization of the transmission gear shift, is shifting gears or other gear mechanism, so that the original stall with a launch gear drive, and then make another gear of the gear into work. Shift before the clutch pedal, interruption of power transmission, so that the original gear pair meshing the meshing parts off, the new gear meshing speed gradually into synchronization, when meshing impact can be greatly reduced, to achieve smooth shifting.

3, to prevent transmission overload

When the car brakes, if there is no clutch, engine and transmission system will sharply reduce the rigid connection speed, so all the moving parts of which will have a great moment of inertia moment (the maximum torque values may be a much higher than the normal when the engine is working), caused by load exceeds the carrying capacity of transmission the Department, due to mechanical damage. With the clutch, the relative motion between the active part and the driven part of the clutch can be relied on to eliminate the danger. Therefore, we need the clutch to limit the maximum torque of the transmission system to ensure safety.

The timing cover is installed between the engine and the transmission, which is a part of the automobile transmission system which is directly connected with the engine. Generally, the timing cover is installed with the flywheel assembly of the engine crankshaft, and is a component for cutting off and transmitting power between the engine and the automobile transmission system. The automobile from the start to the whole process of normal driving, the driver may need to operate the clutch, the engine and transmission system is temporarily separated or gradually joined to cut off the engine or transmission power output to the drive system. Its role is to enable gradual engagement between the engine and the transmission, so as to ensure a smooth start car; temporarily cut off the link between the engine and the transmission, in order to facilitate the shift and reduce shifting impact; when automobile emergency brake can play the separation role, prevents transmission systems and so on overload, which play a protective role the.

The timing cover is similar to the switch, the joint or off the power transmission, therefore, any kind of car has a clutch device, but the form is different.