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When and how to replace the wiper

Update:28 Jan 2021

Generally, you should replace the wipers every 6 to 12 […]

Generally, you should replace the wipers every 6 to 12 months, or if you find that your visibility is problematic. If you notice stains, streaks, jitter or jumps, you may need to replace or repair your wiper.
Other issues to note:
• Visible cracks, tears and missing fragments
• The blade is aging and it is difficult to keep the same with the windshield
• Damaged frame
•Metal corrosion

You can go to your local Hyundai dealer to buy the modern parts needed to replace or repair the wiper, or ask the service team to replace or repair it for you. If you want to do it yourself, just follow the steps. The following is a note: Be careful not to let the wiper arm touch the windshield, because it may shatter or break the glass.
•Step 1: Make sure the vehicle is turned off.
•Step 2: Release the clip and remove the old wiper blade assembly.
•Step 3: Connect the new wiper blade immediately and make sure it is firmly connected. Then put the wiper blade against the windshield. Repeat this operation for the other scraper.
•Step 4: Test the wiper blade by turning on the wiper switch in the car.

The consequences of not replacing the wiper blades in time
The windshield is not clean and the driving vision is blocked;
When the wiper is working, it shakes and produces noise;
When the wiper blade is severely worn, it will produce scratches on the windshield, which may damage the windshield.

So how often do you need to replace the wiper blade?
The service life of the wiper is generally about 1-2 years, but the wiper needs to be replaced when the following conditions occur.
The first is when it is not clean. After the rain, the wiper wiper has water strips and water stains, and can not scrape a clean fan shape, which means that the rubber strip has been aging. Continued use will cause the glass to blur and affect the line of sight, which is not conducive to driving safety. The second is that the wiper itself has cracks and gaps, which make it relatively noisy in use. The wiper rubber strip is deformed and does not evenly touch the glass. In these cases, the wiper strips have been aging and damaged and should be replaced in time.