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Wiper arm removal and removal tips

Update:20 Mar 2020

Removing the wiper arm is very simple. There is a small […]

Removing the wiper arm is very simple. There is a small cover on the fixing screw of the wiper arm. Use the tool to pry open the small cover, and then you can see the screw. Remove the screw to remove the wiper arm.

The wiper arm of many old cars will rust after a long period of use. At this time, the wiper arm needs to be replaced.

When disassembling the wiper arm, be careful not to damage the windshield.

The wiper arm is a fixed wiper. The wiper is used to wipe the water on the front windshield. The wiper is a rubber product, which will cause aging when used for a long time. If the wiper is not clean when it wipes water, and there is an abnormal noise during the wiper, it means that the wiper should be replaced.

When parking normally, if you often stop in the direct sunlight, it will accelerate the aging speed of the wiper rubber.

The wiper has no fixed replacement period, cannot wipe clean water, and there are abnormal noises during the wiper process, it should be replaced.

When there is no water on the glass, do not start the wiper to scrape the glass, it is very easy to produce scratches.

When using the car usually, if the glass water runs out, you need to add it in time. Glass water is very important for the cleaning of the front windshield.

When buying glass water, do not buy inferior glass water, as this will damage the wiper. If in winter, you need to buy glass water with a low freezing point to prevent the glass water from freezing.