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Working principle of Oil Pan

Update:04 Aug 2016

It is said that the Oil Pan is like a power switch, whi […]

It is said that the Oil Pan is like a power switch, which is located between the engine and the gearbox, located at the front end of the transmission system. According to the driving force of the Oil Pan and the main form, electromagnetic clutch, magnetic clutch, friction Oil Panand hydraulic Oil Pan four, Oil Pan on the car belongs to the common friction Oil Pan, mainly for the us.

The friction Oil Pancomprises a driving part and a driven part. The active part is an engine flywheel, which is closely connected with the flywheel, and is provided with two friction surfaces. The back of the friction disk is used to push the pressure plate, friction plate and flywheel contact behind diaphragm spring pressure plate, provide thrust, the most outside the Oil Panhousing. In addition to the above items, the complete Oil Panassembly includes a separate bearing and a separation fork.

When the Oil Panis connected with the engine flywheel, the torque of the engine is transmitted from the flywheel to the friction plate, and the friction plate is transmitted to the output shaft through the internal spline of the central hole (the transmission input shaft). The Oil Panpedal action through the manipulation of institutions transferred to the separation fork and throwout bearing, bearing isolation diaphragm spring to move forward will be central to the pressing direction of the flywheel, the outer end of the diaphragm spring to move in the opposite direction, a return spring force on the hook plate, pressure plate from the friction plate, then the power is cut off. Release the Oil Panpedal, return the diaphragm spring, engage the Oil Panagain with the flywheel and continue to transmit power.